The Altius Mentor… supporting training

Throughout your training you will receive the highest level of support from experienced mentors who are committed to helping you develop the skills to be an outstanding teacher.

From the first training day you will be supported by a dedicated Professional Mentor who will work very closely with you within your curriculum area to build your skills and confidence in teaching. You will observe and assist in lessons, learning the fundamentals through co-planning and team-teaching as you gradually take on more responsibility and autonomy in the classroom.

Your Subject Mentor will offer you verbal and written feedback on your teaching and review your progress in a weekly tutorial. You will work in partnership with your mentor reflecting on your progress and setting targets for further development.


You will also have access to and support from an SLE (Specialist Leader of Education).

Your progress both within your curriculum area and your contribution to the wider school life will be carefully supported and monitored by a Specialist Leader of Education.

Skilful subject mentoring, in well-chosen departments, is supported very effectively by knowledgeable SLEs.

Ofsted, November 2017

Training draws on the considerable strengths and expertise of school-based colleagues and provides trainees with substantial opportunities to ‘learn from the best’.

Ofsted, November 2017

SLE support

The Professional Issues Programme is delivered by Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs) who are recognised experts in their field of work within the educational context.

They are all practising teachers and leaders in a variety of contexts within our alliance of schools. The Professional Issues Programme integral to the course will be supported by the SLEs and supplemented by external professionals with specific expertise.

The programme will offer you a balance of insight into current issues in education and practical strategies to support your development as a teacher.

Your subject knowledge for teaching (SKfT) will be developed through a series of pedagogy sessions delivered by SLEs from each subject-specific area.

This means that your pedagogy development, although supported by academic research, will always be guided by a practising expert.