Why choose us?


The Altius Alliance provides Outstanding teacher training for graduates and those people looking to change their career to inspire the next generation.


This is why we do it...


Whether you are a graduate looking to start a career in education or someone looking for a career change, the training you will receive within the Altius Alliance will ensure you establish your own identity as a teacher.

Primary Programmes

We offer two programmes: a Primary PGCE and a Primary PGCE with Maths as a Specialism. At the end of both programmes, you will gain Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). The academic element of the course will also enable you to gain 60 masters credits and the award of a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE). Programmes run from September to June.

Your training throughout the programme will take place in a range of contexts where you will be valued as an Associate Teacher by both staff and pupils.

Your first placement (Phase A) in the home school will be where you begin to develop your craft and build your confidence.

The second placement (Phase B) will offer you a change of context and an opportunity to experience another school’s systems and practices. Here you will be able to work with new classes and colleagues and develop your ability to adapt to a different environment.

In the third and final placement (Phase C) you will usually return to your home school for the consolidation phase of the training.

A SEND placement will enable you to focus on how to support pupils with a Special Educational Need and/or Disability most effectively.

In addition, you will be able to select a number of enhancements to your programme that reflect your interests and skills. Opportunities to gain a deeper understanding of your chosen area will be woven into your programme experience from the outset.

Throughout your training, you will receive the highest level of support from experienced practitioners and Specialist Leaders of Education who are committed to helping you develop the skills to be an outstanding teacher.

You will work very closely with your Professional Mentor to build your skills and confidence in teaching. You will observe and support in lessons, learning the fundamentals through co-planning and team-teaching as you gradually take on more responsibility and autonomy in the classroom.

Your Professional Mentor will offer you verbal and written feedback on your teaching and review your progress in a weekly tutorial.

Working in partnership, you and your Professional Mentor will reflect on your progress and set targets for further development.

Your progress in developing a sound understanding of primary education and your contribution to the wider school life will be carefully supported and monitored.

Your subject knowledge for teaching will be developed through a series of pedagogy sessions delivered by experienced practitioners and Specialist Leaders of Education. This means that your pedagogy development, will be both evidence informed and guided by a practising expert.