Meet Kieran

Having completed my teacher training at the Altius Alliance, I feel very lucky to have trained in a school environment. The teaching and learning was so strong and the teacher training school supported and allowed me to grow so much as a teacher.

In the Altius Alliance, I was part of a cohort of 30 trainees. Compared to being one of a large university year group, this had a big impact on my experience. Everyone on the course knew each other and my peers were incredibly important to me in many ways. We shared practical advice, helped one another when things had not gone to plan and celebrated the many highs. Our joint training sessions created a real buzz and enthusiasm among the trainees.

As a course representative, I also saw firsthand how the course leaders took great care over the concerns and wellbeing of the associate teachers. There is a holistic approach that really takes into account the individuals on the course. I always felt like I had a voice and that it was listened to.

As I have gone on to teach full time in the Laurus Trust, I can draw on those connections I made and this has been essential to my success in my first year of teaching.

I think many teachers in their NQT year struggle with fitting into a new department with new ways of working. I feel grateful to have learned about the department, the teachers and the style of teaching in this school as a trainee. It has made all the difference in making my transition into full-time teaching a smooth and happy one.

“Everyone on the course knew each other and my peers were incredibly important to me in many ways.”


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